The Resilient Heart

Increasing Awareness on Social and Global Issues  

Frobel preschool Singapore adopts the Thematic Approach to educate children on environmental and cultural awareness. As a 21st century child, the child needs to be exposed to a variety of general and environmental knowledge to cultivate sensitivity towards diversity. Global awareness is not just a knowledge of geography, speaking another language and having traveled the world. Skills such as patience and the ability to wait and watch before rushing to conclusions or decisions have clear links to global success, and are among top skills identified by many researchers as being crucial to a global mindset.

Curiosity and the ability to question ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ things work as the most essential disposition needed for developing a global mindset. This makes intuitive sense: a child has to be curious and interested in the world before being motivated to learn about it. The ability to carefully listen and observe is essential for learning new information, as well as being able to understand and relate to people around you. Having these skills leads to empathy and flexibility, two more critical soft skills identified as important to a global mindset. In order to develop competency in our 21st century child, we strongly believe in fostering resilience so that children can overcome adversity with courage and skills.