Our Centre
Namly Place
Buttercups Kindergarten@Namly

Located in the prestigious neighbourhood of Bukit Timah, Buttercups Kindergarten @ Namly Place is inviting and conducive.


Simplicity and order, natural materials, fascinating cultural objects and interesting pictures on the wall all offer the children complex sensory and intellectual experiences. When children first enter a Montessori environment, there is an immediate and touching moment when they realize that this place is for them.

Our Services (NAMLY PLACE)

Montessori Starters

·        3-hour program

·        Two times a week: Tuesday & Thursday

·        Three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

·        Five times a week: Monday to Friday


Preschool I

·        4-hour program available daily

·        Additional enrichment classes are available in the afternoon.


Preschool II

·        6-hour program available daily


For more information for our schedules, please contact us for details.


Contact Us / Enquiry

Address: 68 Namly Place, S267214

Tel: 64624838

E-mail: namlyplace@frobelpreschool.com