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Pasir Panjang
Buttercups Kindergarten@Pasir Panjang

House in Pasir Panjang Post Office with a huge outdoor playground, Buttercups Kindergarten @ Pasir Panjang offer opportunities for children to engage with the natural world. The children are able to have lots of fun in the sun. These activities encourage team play and improves a child’s agility and motor skills development.


Our Services (PASIR PANJANG)

Montessori Starters

·        3-hour program

·        Two times a week: Tuesday & Thursday

·        Three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

·        Five times a week: Monday to Friday


Preschool I

·        4-hour program available daily

·        Additional enrichment classes are available in the afternoon.


Preschool II

·        6-hour program available daily

For more information for our schedules, please contact us for details.


Contact Us / Enquiry

Address: 396 Pasir Panjang Road #02-01 Pasir Panjang Post Office, S118733

Tel: 67744900

E-mail: pasirpanjang@frobelpreschool.com