Our Story
Our Story

Friedrich Frobel Holding Limited (FFH) is a premium international preschool education company headquartered in Singapore. Our Frobel preschool philosophy adheres to Friedrich Froebel, the father of ‘kindergarten’ or children’s garden.

As many educators have researched and studied Frobel’s ideas, we will nurture our children with the best practices and ideas that has developed since 1840. Some of these approaches included Montessori, HighScope, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf.

We also leverage on Singapore’s advantage as Chinese and Western cultural nexus to build an international bi-cultural preschool group where children are at home across cultures.

At present, FFH has 8 kindergartens located in Singapore and will expand to 20 by 2017. Frobel curriculum will be accessible in the Chinese market as we target to open 100 directly administered kindergartens in China in the very near future.

Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel

April 21, 1782 – June 21, 1852

1837 : Laid the foundation for modern early childhood education

1840 : Officially coined the term”kindergarten”-Children‘s garden